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Who is Nyomi?

Nyomi Rose is a final year Events Management Student who has flourished during this COVID-19 era through leveraging her social media to spread positivity, passion and love for the events industry. In six months Nyomi has transformed her skillset and has developed a status as young professional woman within the world of events, becoming a prominent figure in the pursuit of AI, data,  sustainability, diversity, social media optimisation and youth empowerment through her Instagram and LinkedIn pages. 

On her 20th birthday Nyomi launched her new business 'whatnyomidoes' inspired from the knowledge she had gained whilst increasing her social media presence. Through this new company, Nyomi empowers and provides impactful insight to individuals and SME's to optimise their social media and improve their marketing strategy. Her strategy worked and within weeks she built a powerful community of like minded professionals which led her to job offers, new clients and public speaking opportunities.

Alongside this Nyomi has spoken at over 15+ events to support the events industry during this turbulent period to share her insight and knowledge on a variety of panels and topic sessions in the UK and globally.

Nyomi is now in her final year of Events Management at the Manchester Metropolitan University and with many side hustles she is even more motivated to not only propel her current work but to be a driving force within the industry to support others in the Events world.

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