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Do you want to know the secret to social media optimisation?

When you master the strategy and truly understand the value of the platform you are on to a win! 

I am a self taught social media marketer and content creator who has supported individuals and businesses wanting to prosper online but struggle with motivation or awareness of social media.


I am your perfect partner if you are hungry to build your social media presence – effortlessly communicating your message and instilling trust in your potential customer.


When your social media works for you, you spend less time convincing clients and employers they need you, and more time living life and building relationships.

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My Testimonials So Far...

I met Nyomi when she was my volunteer event coordinator for the first Teacher Empowerment Event. She was proactive from our first conversation, taking care of all the small details that I hadn't even thought of. She organised the team of volunteers, greeted guests and worked away in the background to ensure the whole day ran smoothly - it was a great success but I am positive it wouldn't have gone as well if it wasn't for her attention to detail. 

Since our first experience working together was so positive we have stayed in touch and continued to work together. Nyomi has taken care of my marketing, increasing my presence on (and understanding of social media) and I enjoy our meetings which are collaborative whilst leaving me with final edit and therefore the feeling of still being in control. My reach and impact has improved dramatically since working with Nyomi and I would recommend working with her if you are looking to take your online or in-person events and marketing to the next level.

                        - Kathryn Grice, Founder of The Teacher Empowerment Project

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Everyone one of my clients I work with has a bespoke social media package containing everything they need to know about our collaboration. Within this package I share with my clients key personalised information on Profile Optimisation, Social Media Goals, Colour Palette, Content Mood boards, 4 Content Pillars, Ideal Clients, Content Plan and an Action Plan. 

- Nyomi Rose

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Profile Optimisation

You can optimise your profile to be more visible to your future clients or customers, optimise your SEO, appear in trending hashtags and generate more profile views.

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Colour Palette

Colour palettes help you define a distinct theme, that everyone can recognise to be you. In the digital world, this is range of colours to be used in graphic creation.

Image by Green Chameleon

Content Pillars

Content Pillars are 3-4 topics you and your business will consistently discuss and create content for on social media. 

Image by Austin Distel

Content Plan

A Content Plan, is a monthly calendar with curated content displayed for each day with key tabs on the type of content to be created albeit videos, reels or standard text.

Image by Isaac Smith

Social Media Goals

Goals help you develop your plan, which means you can make more strategic decisions on social media. You can clearly identify what you want to achieve on social media by setting goals!

Image by Charles Deluvio

Content Moodboard

A Content Moodboard helps us visualise a collage of images, text and objects that represent you and your business.

Image by Sigmund

Ideal Clients

Writing down your ideal clients help us clearly understand the language and tone of voice in all social media communications.

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Action Plan

Action Plans are great ways to get started and allow us to understand the next steps we need to make to start sharing your content to the WORLD!

Some of those words might be jargon, scroll below to understand more

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I look forward to working with you and exploring how we can start achieving your social media goals and transforming your online presence.

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